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Plus, ChatGPT may be squeezing essay mills. Plus, a sad note. Plus, International Quick Bites.
Plus, LSU gets a zing. Plus, Daily Dot misses the mark. Plus, sign up for an integrity solutions focus group.
Plus, faculty at Northwestern discuss ChatGPT. Plus, numbers and notes from the University of Manitoba.
Plus, Inside Higher Ed and Chegg. Again. Plus, Australia says companies that use AI to facilitate cheating could be liable. Plus, Guess Who's Speaking…
Plus, NCAA cites Northern Arizona University for academic misconduct. Plus, Google and Photomath? Plus, what Harvard could learn from a Florida High…
Plus, more than 1,100 cheating cases at University of Manitoba. Plus, EdSurge asks if ChatGTP will squeeze the likes of Chegg.
Plus, writing a 1,500 word essay in one hour with AI, fooling detection systems and earning a C+. Plus, a sales pitch stumbles on the truth.
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